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Program Overview

Established in 1961, the department was one of only four departments of the University upon its founding, and is also one of the oldest accounting departments in Taiwan. Each year, the department admits approximately 180 undergraduate students and 15 graduate students. There are currently 18 full-time faculty members and approximately 720 undergraduate and 30 graduate students.

The Department of Accounting aims to cultivate high-level accountants and to become one of the most prestigious accounting departments in terms of teaching and research in Taiwan. Over the past 44 years, more than 8,000 students have graduated from this department, and most have made significant achievements in their professional careers or advanced studies.

The Department is distinguished in its:

1.Excellent teaching that balances theory and practice

2.Integration of accounting and computing, taxation, law and other social sciences

3.Adjustment of curricula to meet contemporary social needs.

Program Learning Goal

  • Possessing specialized knowledge and ability in accounting: Each student is able to identify the influence and importance of information generated by management control systems and be able to evaluate the pros/cons and competitiveness of a given business.

  • Ability to employ information resources: Each student is able to complete a professional research report by integrating business management database and statistical software effectively and to identify the importance of information technology to research.

  • Communication skills: Each student will have effective oral and written communication skills, as well as good interpersonal skills.

  • Problem solving ability: Each student is able to identify the financial management problems that may be faced by business. Each student will be able to analyze the sources of the problems and to provide solutions and suggestions.

  • Comprehension of business ethics: Each student recognizes the importance of business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

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